Equityhub now domiciled in the U.K.

Equityhub International SA, a financial services firm, has moved jurisdictions and changed its name. We delighted to announce that we are now domiciled in the United Kingdom under the name Equityhub Group Pte Ltd.

Value seen in Muni Bond Closed-End Funds

“There are three attractive aspects of municipal closed-end funds, all of which are working together right now. The first, as a closed-end fund, they have a set investment, they’re run by professional managers, and since they don’t have assets coming in and out like an open-end mutual fund, they can buy less-liquid, higher-yielding securities like private placements, non-rated bonds, and they’re not forced to sell bonds when people are seeking out liquidity. The next… ” Read more at http://ow.ly/TpetG!

Investors are Turning Toward Closed Funds to Generate Yield

Investors are also turning toward closed end funds (CEFs) and exchange traded funds (ETFs) to generate yield: http://ow.ly/SOd2A.

Hedge Funds Fill Gap in the US Municipal Bond Market

“Besides shouldering risks on municipal paper that mutual funds won’t take, hedge fund firms are pushing for better disclosure from issuers.” Learn more at http://ow.ly/SD8vF.

What’s on the Horizon for Alternative Assets?

Join the panel discussion on the latest trends and challenges facing our industry on Thursday, September 24th! Find out more at http://marketyourfund.com/HFNYC.jpg