Being on the forefront of change and innovation is not easy. As a company, we thrive on changing industry standards to provide our clients with a leading edge in their industry.


We believe it’s difficult to know everything, so we only focus on what we know and we know it well. Although the investment fund industry has undergone major changes in the last few years, we consistently retain a comprehensive and dynamic understanding of the current situation.


Our principal founder has over 30 years of business and entrepreneurial experience, with 17 years in the financial services and investment fund industry.

About Us

Equityhub Group Ltd is made up of several companies and products providing a wide range of services to the investment fund industry.  Our products and services have been offered since 2001 with the launch of the first downloadable PPM template website.

Today, we have several companies and products offering services from fund formation, fund marketing, investor lists, downloadable business templates, resource and service directories, online web-hosting, and fund administration.


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